Thyroid related eyelid treatment

What is Thyroid related treatment?

The eyelids are commonly affected by an over active thyroid gland. The upper eyelids are often higher than they would be normally, leading to dry eye problems and a noticeable ‘staring’ appearance especially if the white of the eye shows between the upper lid and the cornea. The soft tissues which are contained in the eye socket are also affected and swell up, giving the eye a puffy appearance and pushing the eyeball forward. If the muscles which move the eye are affected then double vision can be a problem. The white of the eye can look very red and inflamed in severe cases. These changes often give rise to a chronic aching sensation in the eye socket and grittiness on the surface of the eye.

Surgery can help to restore the lids to a normal position, and to reduce the puffiness from around the upper and lower eyelids. In extreme cases it is necessary to create a lot more space within the eye socket for the swollen tissues, by removing some of the bone around the socket wall and floor.

Upper eyelid lowering

If the upper eyelids are too high, then it is possible to have surgery to lower the eyelids to a more normal position. This type of surgery can be carried out using a local anaesthetic or if requested sedation. By weakening the muscle which raises the eyelids, the lid position can be adjusted downwards.

Blepharoplasty surgery

Blepharoplasty surgery is useful to improve the appearance of the eyes by reducing any excess skin caused by the swelling and puffiness and to remove some of the fatty, soft tissue of the socket. This type of surgery can be performed under a local anaesthetic for the upper eyelids or with sedation if the upper and lower eyelids are being treated at the same time.

Before treatment
Right upper eyelid retraction

After treatment
after surgery

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