Artifical Eyes

What are artificial eyes?

Artificial eyes are used either to cover a damaged, blind eye or to improve the appearance if an eye has been removed. They are often made to measure, as there is a wide variation in the size of the space behind the eyelids that the artificial eye has to fill. It is sometimes necessary to adjust the position of the eyelids to make sure that the artificial eye will be stable and not prone to falling out, especially if the lower eyelid is too lax.

What can be done?

In cases where the artificial eye is very unstable and prone to falling out or rotating then it may be necessary to fill up the space in the eye socket by inserting an orbital implant. These round spheres are made of various materials, all with the aim replace the volume in the socket lost when the eye was damaged or removed.


Artificial Eyes
This patient had a severe injury to the left eye. The picture shows a new artificial eye on the patient’s left side.

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